Power Of A Woman


It is natural to tremble when you finally come out of your shell but don’t expect it to be as easy as sewing a torn pocket back in place.
People will react to your confidence. Some will cheer you on and make you a drink. Others will feel threatened, afraid and overpowered. They do not understand your glow because they have not found it in themselves. And if ever you hear them say bad things, pick up a good book and read until you’ve forgotten how their words felt.
Pray that someday they’d find beauty in themselves.

©Kristina Antonio || Power Of A Woman

I post more on my IG poetry blog: instagram.com/kristina_antonio


It’s my first time to post on a Sunday. Woke up hearing heavy rain and I thought it was lovely after summer in a boiling cauldron. For me, it has been a nice staycation and I’ll enjoy as much as I can before my young lady starts going to school.

She can’t read yet but I hope someday she finds this poetry blog and learn a thing or two about growing up. And your daughters, too xx.

Thank you for reading 🙂

WISHING YOU A HAPPY WEEKEND. Don’t forget to follow my poetry blog Xx


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