We need time, laughter, great sex, meaningful talks and empty  conversations that lead to kisses. Fun, isn’t it? But we also have  to be on the same page and agree on what’s important. This is  how two people know they can trust each other and believe in a  future to share for the rest of their lives. I don’t have a record of  any girlfriend-of-the-year award but I know trust like I know  how to get home. It is the way to let people in and losing it makes  you question if you’re in the right relationship. Whatever you do, don’t compromise just for the sake of its survival and don’t try to  fix things alone because that’s not even fair. Respect yourself  enough so you don’t get treated like a doormat. You deserve more  than what you think you are lacking. Someday, you will meet the  one who will give you everything. You are alive, learning to love  through different roads and you are not a convenience sitting by  the phone. Stop downgrading yourself by letting them take you  for granted and put you places away from being first. This time,  it’s not about our soulmates because we don’t always end up  marrying them. Just believe that someday you will be the only one  that a significant person loves, kisses, and adores. Someone you  don’t only run in madness and adventures with, but who also  takes care of you and reflects your glow. Someone who never  stops falling madly in love with you.  Yes, he’s the one.

—Kristina Antonio

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3 thoughts on “True Love and Everything That Goes With It

  1. This is exactly how I picture a healthy relationship a lasting relationship where I feel safe loved, respected appreciated and desired. Where I can love and adore him
    Give him my heart and everything else because he is my king.

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