i am jealous of the way he writes about you.
there is not a word in his poetry that does not immortalize your existence.

lucky man, he is called, for having a woman who wakes the art in his bones.

©kristina antonio


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Power Of A Woman


It is natural to tremble when you finally come out of your shell but don’t expect it to be as easy as sewing a torn pocket back in place.
People will react to your confidence. Some will cheer you on and make you a drink. Others will feel threatened, afraid and overpowered. They do not understand your glow because they have not found it in themselves. And if ever you hear them say bad things, pick up a good book and read until you’ve forgotten how their words felt.
Pray that someday they’d find beauty in themselves.

©Kristina Antonio || Power Of A Woman

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It’s my first time to post on a Sunday. Woke up hearing heavy rain and I thought it was lovely after summer in a boiling cauldron. For me, it has been a nice staycation and I’ll enjoy as much as I can before my young lady starts going to school.

She can’t read yet but I hope someday she finds this poetry blog and learn a thing or two about growing up. And your daughters, too xx.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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do you remember this?
i want you to.
keep it. a photo of us
that i’d ask you to burn with my ashes
but you wouldn’t.
keep it like all of my hair
in your fist.
afraid they might catch fire.
hot tongues turning into rivers.
boiling in my thighs.
97° inside me.
pure soul.
man. —kristina antonio || MAN

hi, sorry, i know it’s monday and you’re going to work. no time to get horny but… 😉 —k.

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True Love and Everything That Goes With It

True Love and Everything That Goes With It

We need time, laughter, great sex, meaningful talks and empty  conversations that lead to kisses. Fun, isn’t it? But we also have  to be on the same page and agree on what’s important. This is  how two people know they can trust each other and believe in a  future to share for the rest of their lives. I don’t have a record of  any girlfriend-of-the-year award but I know trust like I know  how to get home. It is the way to let people in and losing it makes  you question if you’re in the right relationship. Whatever you do, don’t compromise just for the sake of its survival and don’t try to  fix things alone because that’s not even fair. Respect yourself  enough so you don’t get treated like a doormat. You deserve more  than what you think you are lacking. Someday, you will meet the  one who will give you everything. You are alive, learning to love  through different roads and you are not a convenience sitting by  the phone. Stop downgrading yourself by letting them take you  for granted and put you places away from being first. This time,  it’s not about our soulmates because we don’t always end up  marrying them. Just believe that someday you will be the only one  that a significant person loves, kisses, and adores. Someone you  don’t only run in madness and adventures with, but who also  takes care of you and reflects your glow. Someone who never  stops falling madly in love with you.  Yes, he’s the one.

—Kristina Antonio

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Run Tiger Run!


I’m selfish. I choose my own path. I don’t let others dictate me. My heart, my happiness, my passions and my way of life—these are all up to me. And I don’t regret one bit of it. Sometimes, I get scared but fear doesn’t help. I don’t know why the world has been taught to tremble when every human being should be dancing. If there is one thing I learned, it’s ‘do everything with love’. This is it. I am loving myself in a way that every human should. I have only one life no matter how many times it seemed like I’ve been given more chances to live better, greater, and lovelier. I need to make art. I want to live like art. I left the nest, ventured, and fell in love with people, places and masterpieces. I like where I am right now. Heaven is where you want to be. Where are you? Where are you going? Where do you want to go?

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